In today's big-data driven world, the ability to turn information into knowledge is a unique competitive advantage for businesses. Our BIG-DATA techno-methodology turns data and concepts about businesses, their customers and environment into revenue and profit for our clients. We use our BIG-DATA Semantics in house to produce Global Business Consulting for private investors and companies.


GF-ACCORD brings to companies and private clients decision-making advantages through a top level business consulting delivered in a fast-track manner.

Investment in time-worthy work
Thanks to our Big-Data tools we gain access to pre-analysed data. We then proceed with synthesizing the information and reporting on the decision-making. We do not lose time in repetitive, "cheap" work.

Cost-effective Consulting thanks to technology
Our proprietary solution allows us to collect and analyse data faster, and cost-effectively. This is translated to better pricing for our clients.

Science and Technology also covered
Our team is composed of top-level professionals engaged worldwide in the fields of business, finance science and engineering.Thanks to them, we can very rapidly digest data from different fields and industries and provide outstanding insights on the reports.