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The tremendous advantage is the speed of high quality delivery and cost-effectiveness thanks to BIG-DATA, SEMANTICS and now pseudo-AI. We cover the PHARMA, HI-TECH, CONSUMER GOODS, M & A spaces. Based on our ground-breaking, automated GF-ACCORD input (demo) for the popular analytical business models we offer:

Marketing and Customer Analysis

Strategic Analysis

Corporate & Fundraising

The above come in versions:

GF-ACCORD "Robusto" or "Corona" | Delivery in 3 or 10 working days* 
As decision-making and workload are more and more demanding, time is of the essence. This is the ideal product helping with the time factor. This business document is upgradable and updatable. Volume guide: the equivalent of roughly 10 A4 pages. Delivery of the electronic business document via email.

GF-ACCORD "Salamones" | Delivery in 22 working days*
A product customized in detail as requested by the client, with 2-3 times the size of "Robusto" and providing support for very critical decisions. The business document is updatable and upgradable. Volume guide: the equivalent of roughly 25 A4 pages. Delivery of the electronic business document via email and mail.

GF-ACCORD "Prominente" | Delivery in approximately 60 working days
Consultancy in the classic "Big 3" format at 1/5 of the price, with GF-ACCORD enrichments including substantial scientific focus if needed. Providing support and hand-holding for very critical decisions. It involves substantial interaction with the client. All business documents produced are updatable. Delivery of the electronic business document via email and mail.

The above are fine-tuned in packages:

Investor Package

Stock pickers & investors who traditionally rely on quantitative analysis (variance, momentum, EPS & other ratios) can now have quick access to the knowledge behind the numbers thus allowing them to decide more efficiently on what needs to be done, eliminating their uncertainty. The GLOBAL BUSINESS CONSULTING under this package is offered to both, private and group investors.

Enterprise Package

The consultancy offered under this package comes in hand to Corporate Executives (CxOs) who are in need to act upon fast decisions and time-saving work research. This can be achieved through outsourcing excellent GLOBAL BUSINESS CONSULTING in document or interactive format, in their field of operation, via the Enterprise Package.

SME Package

The benefit of the price-quality-time triangle is at the focus of the GLOBAL BUSINESS CONSULTING produced under this package. We work at a fast pace and at a fair price. Our techno-methodology makes it possible.

Start-up package

The benefit of the price-quality-time triangle is the focus of this package as well. What makes the additional difference here is our supportive policy towards young companies. We are open to negotiate the production of GLOBAL BUSINESS CONSULTING with every start-up in accordance with their individual circumstances.


How to order